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New features noteworthy of Windows 11

Windows, 11 out of life with these improvements are very different than the previous version? through the same point the new features worth highlighting on Windows 11.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption

One of the most important features of Windows 11 Pro is Bitlocker Drive Encryption integrated. This is a security feature data integrated in the operating system is developed to solve the theft of data through unauthorized access. Although features data encryption on all Windows version 11, these features on the Pro version is equipped with many options than to user can manage the code goods.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption Windows 11 Pro support, remove password, add a smart card, turn on auto key, backup key recovery... in Addition, it also does not require Microsoft account or TPM 2.0 to operate.

Manage mobile devices

Windows 11 Pro copyright provides access to management features, mobile device Mobile Device Management (MDM) to facilitate the administration of the privacy policy, and business applications.

Suppose you have a business and want to have access to all devices of the company. At this time, features MDM of Windows 11 Pro will take effect. You can use MDM to deploy the updates and monitoring, as well as view the status of compliance of the equipment is managed.

Group Policy

Group Policy is a tool that allows users to control the settings of the computer. You can use GPO in many ways. For example, you can use it to restrict access of users to the program and the time on the screen, configure the network printer... In an enterprise environment, Group Policy also lets the administrator set up the IT infrastructure of the company by granting or revoking privileges, depending on work of each employee.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode is a feature take the customer as the center. This feature is only available in the Windows version 11 and above. You can set to configure Kiosk Mode to grant permission for users to use the application is pre-determined. From there, you will prevent the unauthorized access to other functions of the operating system. So, this will be a great feature for businesses that are wanting to advertise their products while still want to ensure the security of the device.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a remote desktop (RDP) is a built-in Windows 11 Pro. With this feature, you can connect, control and maintenance of the remote device's Windows from a Windows device, Android or iOS other.

You can use Remote Desktop to allow others to remotely connect with the compatible device on your network that aims to fix the problem. In addition, this is a great feature so you can access your work computer from afar, and from any device.


Hyper-V is a virtualization solution internal hardware of Microsoft, which is integrated in Windows 11 Pro. With this program, you can run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on your Windows computer. Compared to the alternatives of the Tuesday, Hyper-V, stable and consuming less resources.

Windows Sandbox

Windows SandBox is a feature virtualization other handy that users of Windows 11 Pro can use. Unlike Hyper-V, Windows SandBox running a different version of the OS in a virtual environment. Thanks to it, you can use this program to test the app and your files without fear of affecting the host system. When you close Windows SandBox, all the apps and files will be deleted.


Hopefully with the new features is Microsoft launched version of Windows 10 Pro, this will please users, but before using the feature on Windows 10 Pro you just buy yourself a Key Windows 10 Pro cheap okay, you will be use Full features of Windows 10 Home and updates the latest patch from Microsoft.


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